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‘You are invited to our Street to see what life is like! It’s raw, in your face and deadly real on the street! Is it too real for you? Can you handle brutal reality?’

That was the introduction paragraph on our invitation to The Street and it probably speaks for itself. Groups of targeted young people and their workers come and pass through a series of scenarios, acted out on the set around them by a cast of young volunteers.


Strong issues will be covered on the journey through The Street. Be prepared; harsh language and violence meet you in a strange territory. Anything can happen on your journey with a catalogue of topics ranging from sexual health to domestic violence, knife crime, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying and mental health.


Each year the The Street evolves with the topics changing according to what the cast and other informed partners see as

issues that are current and need exploring. The Street “show” takes around 20 minutes, followed by an hour long workshop that tackles the shows issues head on.


We are always looking for new young people aged 14-24 who would like to get involved with helping to put the next show together, writing new scripts, acting or helping backstage with the lighting or sound.


To get involved, simply contact us on: 01698 552101, leave your details and someone will be in touch. Unfortunately due to the nature of the issues covered we are unable to include any young person under the age of 14, but please see our Jnr. Street section.

All of The Street’s hard work over the first

four years was officially recognised in 2013 with the award of the prestigious

2013 COSLA Chairman’s Award

On way to the Award, the cast had to write a new script, be shot on video, interviewed and travel to Edinburgh first thing in the morning with a coffin to do a nerve wracking live show in front of the judging panel! As usual, the young cast took it in their stride and in the end, it all paid off!


The first time ever awarded in South Lanarkshire, the Chairman’s Award is given to the project deemed to have shown best practice and innovation over the whole of Scotland. South Lanarkshire Council hosted an official award evening for the cast and their families as way of saying thanks for all their hard work on the project and for helping to win the award.

The Street has been lauded, applauded  and awarded, but what we really need is funded! If you can help with funding or know of anyone who can, please call!

“It is clear in discussion with them that it made a personal impact on each of them. Whilst the climax of the programme is the performance, a lot of support is offered to young people in the scripting and commitment to the programme by the young people. The Street is emotional, sad & ultimately uplifting in its approach"

Executive Director Social Work Resources

“It feels very different to discussion type approaches; it feels real because you are part of the action developing on the street and events are happening very fast. It highlights how quickly poor choices can be made which are devastating for individuals and communities”

Head of Children and Justice Services

So who would have thought? Way back when the concept of the Street was being bounded about and an actual set was still to be built, that ten years of hard work, hundreds of performances and numerous special appearances would have led us to prestigious awards and accolades from MP's, Ministers and  even a Lady!


The Street's longevity is down to a mixture of real life scenarios, gallows humour and fantastic performances from non-acting trained young people who have a passion for showing others the life they inhabit and the sometimes brutal reality, fear and hardship they have to surmount as they go about their daily lives.


Each year as the cast develops, some leave to go on to jobs, college or university and new young people come along, we have a new set of experiences to develop into scripts for the latest show. This year will see the tenth incarnation of the Street. Just as hard hitting as ever, but this year we will be bringing our 10 years of experience to the Street party!

Do Not Miss It!

The Street have been approached many times to allow people younger than 14 to attend or join the cast. Because of adult content this was not possible. It is now!

THE Jnr Street

The Target Group

Targeted Young people, aged 11-13 years, who are on the brink of opting out of family, school and community life.


Due to the nature of the show and workshop, each session can only accommodate 10 people (including youth workers). Groups can make multiple bookings if they wish to bring more than 10 people. Upon arrival groups are asked to wait outside where they will be met by a worker from the project.

What is The Jnr Street?

It is the only one of it’s kind in Scotland. We use immersive theatre and top quality youth work techniques to help young people identify issues that may be affecting their lives. In our issue-based workshops we find solutions/strategies/people who can help young people with their challenging  circumstances.


How do we do it?

We have recruited 24 targeted young people (11- 13yrs) through a referral process to join our Jnr Street Cast & Crew, all of whom are experiencing some kind of challenging circumstances within their families, schools or communities.


These young people explore issues that are affecting their lives and then develop scenes that they perform live to their peers, in an attempt to raise awareness, let others know they are not alone and help to find ways to deal with or overcome circumstances.


For Visiting Groups

For visitors there are two parts to The Jnr Street experience:

1. An escorted 15 minute walk around the twists and turns of the street, meeting the locals (played by the young people themselves) on their way. Here they will witness a series of events that they may recognise from their own lives or communities.


2. A 45 minute workshop facilitated by Youth Workers. Groups will explore thoughts and feelings about what they have witnessed, identify the positive options that were being made and discuss other solutions to the issues facing the young people during the performance.




THE Street 360ºVR

If you would like to discuss exactly what 360ºVR could do for you, please call us now!

The Street & Jnr Street are patroned by the Hon. Lady Rita Rae, whose continuing support is greatly appreciated.

Call us:

01698 552101