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What is the Twopointsix challenge?
The twopointsix challenge was created by the organisers of the London Marathon in response to the Covid-19 pandemic the organisers came up with the idea of the twopointsix challenge in order to enable UK charities to fundraise. The marathon should have been ran on: 26/4/20 but will be postponed until a later date.
Getting involved and Challenge ideas
The twopointsix challenge is designed to represent the 26 miles of a marathon. However, you don’t have to be a runner to join in. You could get together with 26 friends on zoom for an online workout, hula hoop 26 times, tell 26 jokes, go for 2.6-mile walk/run. To take part in the challenge you can tailor the activity to yourself and as long as is correlates to 26 or 2.6 it counts!


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If you decide to start fundraising please follow government guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.


Regen:fx Challenge
Staff members from Regen:fx Youth Trust undertook individual activities as part of the challenge for example 26 star jumps in roller skates, juggling 26 times, 26 mile cycle and spotting 26 rainbows in one of the local communities we work in.
We then used the 26 rainbows dedicated to the NHS designed by local children to a ‘spot your rainbow challenge’ where young people/parents who identify their rainbow will receive a mystery goody box.
Some of the services we offer!
The Street
Immersive and hard-hitting drama and workshops for young people 14+ written and performed by our volunteer street cast who are also 14+ in order to provide other youth, school and community groups an interactive experience. Once young people have walked through the street experience they then complete a workshop to further explore the issues that they have seen.
Jnr. Street
Immersive drama and workshops for young people 11-13 exploring issues that are relevant to young people in a totally unique way. Walking around the ‘Street’ the Junior street is a less hard hitting and tailored towards 11-13 years old. However, the volunteer street cast still perform ‘issues’ that young people may have seen or previously been involved in before Regen:fx youth workers interact with the young people to explore the issues, actions and possible consequences.
Springhall & Whitlawburn Youth Development Team
Springhall and Whitlawburn is a youth lead development team consisting of young people aged 14-21 managing a 5-day youth work provision in the Springhall and Whitlawburn area for young people aged 8-21.
The youth development team provide 4 drop-in sessions per week and a weekly youth club within the Whitlawburn Resource Centre.
Why support Regenfx
Regen:fx are working with young people across South Lanarkshire aged 8-21 years old taking our young people to the next level Youth Work Programmes, Immersive Drama, Action Sports and Mental Health Services using a youth work approach.
We strive to help young people to develop emotionally/ socially, increase their confidence, give them a voice in their local community, help them achieve their goals, provide one to one support, help to build resilience/ provide coping mechanisms, provide positive opportunities and provide a safe space where young people can just be young people.
Radworx Action Sports
Radworx provide skateboarding and BMX tuition in our indoor skatepark and provide free action sports during Spring Break/Summer holidays in local skateparks including Blantyre, Carluke and East Kilbride.
Provides access to Mental Health Support for Young People aged 14-18 living in South Lanarkshire. Working in partnership wither Liber8 to provide young people with counselling services, one to one support, advisory panel & peer mentorship group work.
Strutherhill & Birkenshaw Youth Project
Weekly youth project for young people aged 8-21 engaging with young people in Strutherhill, Birkenshaw and surrounding areas.
Youth project providing a 5-day provisions for young people in the heart of High Blantyre for young people aged 8-21 years old.
Regen:fx also provides a Youth Work Training Academy which is 12-week training course which trains up young people who will be the next generation of youth workers as well as the Basic Youth Work Training Course for local adult volunteers.
Your support will help us provide vital input and training to young people from all over South Lanarkshire.
We work with young people from the most high risk areas of our society. They are the people who really need your help to grow and mature into productive young adults.
Many thanks for your support. if you wish to donate, simply click on the My Donate link to be taken to our secure site!
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